Single’s Day: The Biggest Shopping Event In Asia

Single’s Day Introduction

11/11 or more commonly known as single’s day is one of the biggest shopping event in Asia, and none can deny the fact. But, the day wasn’t originally meant to be a shopping occasion, as a matter of fact Single’s day initially began as a polar opposite to Valentine’s Day.

The fact that single’s day always fall on November 11, is because of a simple reason and that reason is it being a month that consists of four 1’s side by side. Representing how singles together can achieve a lot similar to those in pairings.

The holiday was often translated into “single sticks day”.

Originally called “Bachelor’s Day”, the day came into being way back in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University. According to theories it was founded by four students in Nanjing University who wanted to break out of the monotony of being in a relationship, and wanted a day where like Valentine’s Day they could appreciate the fact of being single. A day filled with events, festivities, great food, get-togethers and many other fun activities all in the honor of being single. These meager festivities and activities that at first were only celebrated in Nanjing University soon started to spread towards other universities, and became an event of appeal for both men & women. So, eventually the name changed from bachelor’s day to single’s day.

Single’s Day Shopping Event

Soon after the name changed into Single’s Day and the popularity grew enough to reach the furthest corners of the world, the day caught the attention of multiple brands. As they thought of it as an opportunity to put their products on display for the single’s to get their hands on at an incredible margin of savings making both parties happy. Single’s Day has completely rooted its feet in Asia and every year at 11/11 the sales margin increases more than the previous. We dare even say that some years Single Day Sales generate more revenue than Black Friday.

Single’s Day was hyped up in Asia back in 2009 as Ali Express, one of the leading Chinese shopping retailer announce a massive range of discounts on all its products during this special occasion, and it was during that year and that month in which Ali Express Single Day sale generated an unprecedented amount of cash unlike any other year when compared statistically. As people saw these results soon big name brands like Lazada, Asos, Alibaba, Shopee, and many others followed suit. And started their very own single’s day sales.

At first the sales were only available for 24 hours during the special occasion but, as the competition grew the wavelength of the sales have also increased take singles day sales Singapore as an example. Brands popular in that part of the region usually start to put their products on display with great cut-offs as the month of November begins. While single’s day sales Malaysia tends to join the party a bit late, but some still start to display products on their website during the month of October. As to hype up the crowd for the upcoming event.

Single’s Day VS Black Friday

On contrary beliefs, and according to statistics Black Friday has still been the dominant shopping event all around the globe but, over the past few years Single’s Day has also made quite a bit of name for itself. If we were to compare the two, and figure out who comes out on top then we guess that numbers would play a huge role. If we were to go buy statistics than in 2012 Single’s day surged past in sales when compared to black Friday, and it only expanded more after that on a yearly basis.

Alibaba alone itself earned 25.3 billion dollars back in 2017 when black Friday and cyber Monday sales combined earned a total of 11.62 billion dollars. And the sales kept on increasing year after year, in 2021 it is predicted that Single’s Day sales could cross more than 30 billion dollars. But, if you think that makes Single’s Day the perfect opportunity to shop you might want to hold your horses.

You see the reason that Single’s Day earned so much in sales when compared to black Friday was because it offers limited big ticket items on sale, and mostly provides small ticket items that are easy to grab during a shopping spree, items that a person can easily purchase during normal days but, since they are on sale a prompt in their head forces them to have it as soon as possible.

While on black Friday mostly big ticket items like 42” Flat Screens, Gaming Consoles, Hardware’s, Kitchen Accessories, furniture items, and many other similar to them are available on sale. Now when comparing those big ticket items to the ones that single day offers results can sure vary. So, even though single’s day may be on a lead in sales and earn more than black Friday in certain parts of the world the post-thanksgiving Black Friday event surely trumps this occasion on the basis of collective data. Which is quite hard to accumulate given the circumstances how each country collects its shopping data.


What started as a day for singles to enjoy themselves and not be overshadowed by couples could turn into something this huge was not expected by anyone. But, alas! As we moved forward into the future single’s day has become one of the biggest shopping events in Asia. In a way we guess it’s a good thing because, now not only do the singles have a specific day for their entertainment but they also have a specific day to shop as much as they like without burning a hole in their pockets, and all of this was only made possible due to the efforts of few students in Nanjing University. We hope the information provided above will answer all your questions about this specific day, and well if you’re looking for some shopping ideas for 11/11 then here are some irresistible singles day deals to snatch, during this special occasion.


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