8 ways to spread the Holiday Cheer

Christmas is round the corner. The crisp air, the beautiful lights around, and everyone’s sparkly Christmas trees are enough to spread the Christmas spirit around. The best thing about this holiday is that everyone is generally so happy and joyful. Hallmark starts its movies, there is a whole spirit of big-heartedness, and the overall mood is that of jubilation. Since Christmas is a season of giving, let’s look at some ways to spread the holiday cheer.

Give thoughtful presents

The best part about Christmas when you are a child is seeing a tree full of presents. But it’s even better when someone gets what you actually want, or need. Keep an ear out for what your loved one likes, and if you get an online Christmas shopping deal it’s even better. Whether it’s the sweater that grandma has been eyeing, or the toy plane that your son has been hinting for you to get, there is no better time than Christmas. You have really good Christmas holiday deals, and everyone is happy.

Singing the Favorite Carols

“The best way to spread the Christmas cheer, is singing aloud for all to hear” (Pratt Nature). Get your best singing voice on, because Rudolph wants to come out and play. Let’s face it, even though these songs have been over played to the point of exhaustion, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without them. Tis’ the season to be jolly, so sing your way through it and be merry!

Paying it Forward

This is a really fun practice, and ensures that karma has her way in the world. It is always nice to give back what you get, and this is a small way of doing that. If someone does something nice to you, a really sweet practice is to return that act of kindness by doing something nice for someone else. And if everyone continues to do this, we can spread that kindness across the world. Give your Christmas coupon to someone who needs it more than you, and tell them in turn to do something for another person. This way the joy spreads faster, and trust me-it’s contagious.

Spreading the Neighborly Love

To Love Thy Neighbor is something we have been taught since we were a child, and what better time to do it than Christmas. You can get a good deal on cute cookie cutters with the Christmas sales online, and decorate cookies with your children. Once they are embellished, wrapped and ready to go, then one can make rounds of the area, and distribute them within your neighborhood.

The Gift of Giving

There is no better way to spread cheer than to give. Pick a favorite charity you have, and go and spend time there and donate some of your savings. Whether it is serving food to the homeless, or making holiday cards with the orphans, the gift of your own time is something that is very precious, and cannot be substituted.

Give someone your time

Speaking about precious time, it is something that is so rare these days. We are always busy on the phone or tablet, and we don’t really give anyone the quality time they deserve. A good way to spread the cheer is to put everything aside, and make it a point to give them the attention they deserve. You can go to the Christmas sale afterwards, but QT is something that is more precious than getting a good deal on an item. Give someone a hug, talk to them making eye contact, and for the love of God do not look at your phone!

Count your blessings

We are so caught up in consumerism, and last-minute Christmas deals, that we forget to take time out and see what we are grateful for. Just getting up in the morning, having a roof over our heads and sleeping with a full belly at night is something we tend to take for granted, but is also something that people don’t always have. If one reflects on their life, and focuses on what they have versus what they don’t, we can be much happier. Develop the attitude of gratitude, and it will leave you satisfied and at peace.

Cook up a storm

A Christmas Roast is what the tummy wants at this time of the year, along with all the trimmings. Yes, I mean mashed potatoes, peas and the works. You need to have a full and happy tummy to give you energy for the Monday after Christmas sales. It is always more fun to involve the family in these cook-offs, and one must top of the delicious meal with a scrumptious dessert. Make a pudding with the kids, and wash it down with a cup full of delicious hot chocolate.

Christmas is the season to give and share the love. What better way to do that than spreading some magic all around? It is always good to go into the holidays with a big heart, and when you see someone happy because of a small gesture you have done, your heart grows bigger. Merry Christmas everyone, and don’t forget to get that holiday cheer on!

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